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Guybrush Threepwood Cosplay 7 by EmperorMossy
Guybrush Threepwood Cosplay 7
Got a few pro shots done with an amazing photographer just outside the con! Sooooooo happy with these pics! ^_^ I may need to do a full shoot with this costume!

Photography: What A Big Camera
Well! Another year another Supanova!

As you may be aware, last year the team and I went as character from Robin Hood: Men in Tights and did a stage fight as part of the Saturday Cosplay Competition. We do a sword fight on stage every year! We didn't win anything, which we were slightly disappointed about (we are pretty sure the judges simply award the 'Best Sketch' title to the group that has the most members! Every year, regardless of sketch quality, the biggest group always seems to win!). So, when we started preparing for this year we decided to say "SCREW THE RULES" and choreograph a sword fight just to put on an awesome show with no intention of winning anything. This year we decided to do the sword fight from The Princess Bride!

Inigo Montoya Cosplay 3 (And friends) by EmperorMossy

Ryan went as The Dread Pirate Roberts/Westley, his wife Ana went as Princess Buttercup, and I went as Inigo Montoya!

We put a considerable amount of effort into the choreography of this fight. We studied the movie fight and other fights by Bob Anderson (…). We revised it a dozen times. We had friends tag along to direct and criticise us where necessary. We spent ages making it, and we were extremely happy with it! But then things started getting in the way. Mostly work stuff, but some personal stuff too. I got sick a couple of times in the lead up to the event. All these interruptions resulted in FAR less rehearsal time than we needed. And to make matters worse, we intended to prepare an audio track with recorded lines inserted at appropriate times for us to fight to! We didn't finish cutting this music file together until the night before the event... In short, we ran out of time and were sorely unprepared. Especially compared to last year.

Anyway, we pressed on and did our sword fight as best we could! We messed up a bunch of times, in very obvious ways, but we kept in pace with the audio track and the overall result wasn't too bad. I felt rather disheartened when we returned to the audience. But, just after the competition ended, we were approached by a lovely couple who told us how much they enjoyed the fight and that they thought it was awesome! I told them they could check out our previous work on youtube, and they recognised us from our Robin Hood fight last year!!! :D That really perked me and made me feel better about the whole business!

Well, without further ado, here is our Princess Bride stage fight:

I had a fantastic time at Supanova on Saturday! I even managed to pick up a Princess Bride board game! Hahaha! And best of all, I got a photo with Lara Plays Videogame Music (seriously, check out her youtube channel:…)! Plenty of people asked for photos of or with us, and Ana kept getting mistaken for Cersei Lannister. The Australian SyFy channel also had this amazing 360 Camera stall set up for people to get a matrix shot of themselves, and they offered it totally for free!! Here are ours: [link] and [link]! All in all, it was an awesome Saturday!

And then there was Sunday!
There's a bit of a story to this one. You see, earlier this year I was doing a Tomb Raider marathon; I played through all 10 Tomb Raider games consecutively and uploaded screenshots of my progress to Facebook. A friend of mine named Ellen made a joke on one of these screenshots, suggesting I should cosplay Lara Croft as Supanova! A short, humorous conversation ensued wherein we joked about how funny and ridiculous and improbable it would be. We didn't take it very seriously and never really talked about it again. But then we realised that since we would be staying with Ellen and her husband in Sydney over the weekend of Supanova (way more convenient than a 2 hour drive in and out each day), and I thought: "how funny would it be if I actually DID crossplay as Lara Croft and didn't tell Ellen until the day?"

And so, that's what I decided to do!! I put together a Lara Croft costume, acquired some fake boobs, got a wig styled, and learned how to use makeup! I EVEN GOT FREAKIN WAXED! O_O LEGS, ARMS, AND UNDERARMS! ...I don't know how girls can do that on a regular basis... Anyway, we concealed the costume and smuggled it into their place. And then on Sunday morning I went into the bathroom to get ready, and came out dressed as Lara Croft!! Ellen laughed for like 10 minutes straight and it was awesome! XD

Lara Croft Crossplay 2 by EmperorMossy

So yeah, I went as Lara Croft on Sunday and had an amazing time! I got asked for a bunch of photos and was complimented by a bunch of others! Bumped into a few friends; one took about 30 seconds of awkwardly glancing at me while chatting to Ana before she picked it was me! Her friend jumped 3 feet in the air when I spoke! XD And another friend of mine, who I grew up in school with, walked right past me and didn't know it was me! Not until I posted pics to Facebook and he was like O_O "Wut?"

I got one of those 360 Cam shots: [link] and even made their 'best of' video!!

The only downsides to crossplaying as Lara was the weather (IT WAS BLOODY COLD!! About 12 degrees Celcius in the wind) and the wig was waaaay too tight! Ended up with red marks on my forehead for a few days afterwards. But all in all, I loved it! ^_^ I am planning on doing a small photo shoot out bush somewhere, when the weather warms up! And I'd definitely like to do another crossplay again some time!

Anyway, hope you guys enjoy our work! Not sure what we will do next year, but keep your eyes pealed! :D


EmperorMossy's Profile Picture
Stephen Moss
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Hi everyone!

I'm just an average guy from Newcastle, Australia! I work in retail and spend my free time playing more video games than I care to admit! I am more of an art "admirer" than an art "creator", but I do give it a rough shot every now and then; an arty photo here, a poorly proportioned pencil sketch there! I really enjoy writing short stories, but don't really make enough time for them anymore.

I also love cosplay!! I have been cosplaying at the Sydney Supanova festival for a few years now and I absolutely love it! I have made some fun cosplays in my time and I love sharing them with everyone! I also love seeing other fantastic cosplays that people make! People have such amazing talents!

Above all, I am a huge sword enthusiast! I have a small collection of historical weapons which I love! I also practice swordplay with friends and with historical martial arts societies. I love swordplay as a sport, not as a way of role-playing or re-enacting history. My friends and I just love the thrill of combat and the challenge of outwitting your opponent!

Anyway, I hope everyone likes what little art I have to offer! :)


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